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VEFI started its activities in Norway in 1949, and is today one of the leading suppliers on products from PS and PET foil for the horticultural and vegetable industry. Vefi was the pinoeer in Europa and started the development of the NFT/Hydroponic System in 1980s together with Norwegian growers and some Swedish growers. Vefi has developed a wide range of pots, sowing and transport trays; The Vefi System. 

In 2011 the production was moved from Norway to Poland-Vefi Europa. VEFI has a office and stock in Drammen, Norway.



VEFI Europa started its operations in Poland in 1993, selling its products through AGRO-PLAST.

Soon AGRO-PLAST was transformed into a company and started to cooperate with all the existing seed producers.

We invited them to Norway to see how we can organize specialized seedlings. The Norwegian farmers were willing to share their knowledge and thanks to that, companies in Poland were rapidly established, which now produce several tens of millions of seedlings on the Polish market and for export.


The VEFI system, thanks to its simplicity and functionality, was quickly adopted by Polish gardeners and became a standard in the production of seedlings. During the numerous meetings with vegetable and flower producers, we extended the benefits and the complexity of our system, constantly improving it.


At the same time, we built a network of distributors for our products - shops and wholesalers. With most of them we cooperate to this day. Thanks to them we were able to reach our retail customers.


In the meantime, EAST TRADE was established in Poland, which is involved in the export of Polish horticultural products to Norway.


In 2004, it changed its name to VEFI EUROPE, and in 2008 both companies merged and formed a company that produces and sells thermoformed plastic products for horticulture and export of vegetables, fruits and mushrooms to Norway. The new headquarters were located in Skierniewice.

At present we have a production hall of 2300 m², where we produce our products sold later in Poland and exported to other countries both in Europe and outside Europe.







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