Hydroponic systems

Plastic hydroponic channels are transporting diluted fertilizers, are used for accelerated, all year-round cultivation of lettuce and herbs. Many companies offers completely automated systems that expand channels as plants grow. For small-scale production we can use a simpler system. This system is based on channels permanently placed in sliding greenhouses.


The most important part of the whole system is a specially developed flower pot, which determines the success of the whole cultivation. There are following pot types developed: PR 306 and PR 806, PR 807, PR 908 and PF 808. Pots were designed to achieve optimal root aeration and drainage.


For the first stage of production the following transport pot trays can be used: SB 606 1R, SB 806 R and SB 606 1RL, SB 807 R, SB 909, SB 808. Trays can be disinfected at temperatures up to 80 ° C and reused many times.


For transporting the ready product such as produced herbs and lettuce, the following transport trays are used: TB 806/12, TB 806/12, TB 806/9, TB 807/9, TB 807/12, TB 908/6, TB808 / 6, These trays are placed in cartons.

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