Hydroponic Gutters

Photo Ref. Symbol Dimensions Material
580046 01201 73x63 mm PCV
580071 01246 85x63 mm PCV


  • Standard lenght upto 12 m, anything over 12 m is on request.
  • Gutter 01201 can be supplied with standard pot holes  56, 60, 62 and 67 mm.
  • Gutter 01246 can be supplied with pot holes  75 i 78 mm, and for squere pots size 70x70 mm.
  • The distance from the center to the center of the hole 90-250 mm
  • Gutters can be supplied (Kanały mogą być dostarczone ze zgrzanymi końcami z jednej strony i uformowanym, otwartym drugim końcem).

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